BFRO: Searching for Proof of Bigfoot
Mystery Casebook Friday January 4, 2008 8:18 AM-Want to hunt Sasquatch in Michigan's UP? How about the wilds of the Pacific Northwest? The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is willing to take you there, along with anyone else with an interest in getting to the heart of the Bigfoot mystery.

Often dismissed as a combination of folklore and hoaxes, the legend of Bigfoot appears around the world. The Native American Indians told of skunk apes, and even now modern explorers talk of Yetis in the snowy reaches of Nepal. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, or BFRO, for short, is the largest and oldest organization of its kind, founded in 1995. Seeking to become one of the most credible resources on the Bigfoot mystery, the BFRO has created a kind of virtual network of journalists, scientists and other specialists, all of whom are dedicated to various aspects of Bigfoot research.

Ultimately the individuals involved in BFRO feel that the various legends of Bigfoot, sasquatch, yetis and skunk apes reflect real encounters with an actual species which has so far left no conclusive evidence as to its existence. If the BFRO has one ultimate goal, it is to obtain irrefutable proof of that existence.

One of the most interesting aspects of the BFRO are its regular expeditions for field research. Their website features open invitations for interested parties to participate in these expeditions. Locations range all over the country and the world, and the BFRO tries to organize its expeditions around the most up-to-date and current sightings.

This led to an expedition carried out in Marquette County of Michigan's Upper Penninsula just this past July. Their website contains updates on these expeditions, reports of recent sightings, and even a sighting report form. And, of course, if hunting Bigfoot is your thing, the site will also show you how you can join the BFRO's search for proof that we are not the only primates walking around the North American woods.

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