Bigfoot Alive and Well in India
Mystery Casebook 18 June 2008-As something of a sasquatch aficionado, I'm fairly well versed on the folklore of hairy wild men from different parts of the world. Though they go by different names, the general theme of a hairy, bipedal, giant, wildman/ape that lives in the thickest, wildest, most remote corners of our world is a fixture in North America, South America, Russia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Indonesia - even Australia. We rarely, however, gain a glimpse into the mythology of such a creature from the Indian subcontinent, so I was pleased to find this story posted today.

The "mande barung" is India's wild man, a denizen of the thickest jungle and nearly inaccessible canyons of the Northeast. It is said to be large and heavily built. It is shy and avoids human contact, although it occasionally leaves large footprints behind to betray its presence. The locals know all about it, and have shared their stories of encounters with these creatures for centuries.

Sound familiar? This description could just as easily be applied to Australia's "Yowie," China's "Yeren," Nepal's "Yeti," or Canada's "Sasquatch." There's one more thing mande barung shares with these others: there is not a scrap of indisputable physical evidence that they exist at all.

Stories are great, and evidence that can't be easily ascribed to a known source keeps me interested and hopeful that spectacular creatures like this do still exist out there. But I ain't holding my breath . . .

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