California: Bigfoot? Just Rubber, Folks
Mystery Casebook By JESSE McKINLEY

Published: August 20, 2008-To the shock of perhaps no one except the residents of Atlantis and the Loch Ness monster, a California Bigfoot promoter said a supposed frozen carcass of the mythical beast allegedly found last month has turned out to be a fake. The promoter, Tom Biscardi, who held a news conference last week in Palo Alto to announce the finding, said the body he had trumpeted as definitive proof of Bigfoot was defrosted and was actually a rubber suit "masked with a bunch of body parts from different animals."

Mr. Biscardi, who said he had paid a "substantial amount of money" for the corpse, said he had been duped by a pair of Georgia men who said they had found the hairy corpse in northern Georgia. Mr. Biscardi, who makes his living on a Bigfoot Web site and merchandizing line, denied that he was complicit in the fraud and said he was planning to press charges. "It was just a total scam," he said.

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