Bigfoot & Science
Mystery Casebook While most scientists think that the notion of Bigfoot is a matter probably best left to bad shows on the Sci-Fi channel, Jeffrey Meldrum takes the possibility of bigfoot seriously. Meldrum has excellent credentials and is a noted expert in the field of primate and hominid anthropology. However, many of his fellow scientists are dismayed by his willingness to investigate bigfoot in scientific terms.

The general consensus is that bigfoot is merely a myth, despite the fact that there is some evidence that supports the claim that such a creature exists. On one hand, it is hard to imagine such a creature so effectively evading detection for such a long period of time. On the other hand, there are precedents for such creatures. On occasion, a new species (or a species thought extinct) is found. If the bigfoot creatures are intelligent, they might be able to avoid searchers and also hide their dead (a major strike against the bigfoot view is that no bodies have been found).

While it seems unlikely that bigfoot exists, there is enough evidence to make it a phenomenon worth investigating using scientific methodology. Also, if people can talk seriously about odd metaphysical entities (though they say they are doing science, they are really doing classical metaphysics…only with a bigger budget) such as “super strings”, “multiple universes”, and “dark matter” and still be seen as respectable scientists, I think the same courtesy should be extended to Meldrum.

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