An Old UFO-Bigfoot Case
Mystery Casebook One of the most strange UFO sightings in history occurred late on the night of October 25, 1973 near Uniontown, Pennsylvania. What makes the case so interesting is that there were Bigfoot-like entities seen in the vicinity of a dramatic UFO sighting. Of course, this makes it one of my favorites, although I'm sure it was no fun for the people involved, particularly one witness who apparently became 'possessed' while investigators were on the scene. There is plenty in the story to creep out even the most seasoned investigator.

A truncated account of the event is described by Stan Gordon, longtime PA UFO researcher who is best known for his investigation of the Kecksburg UFO crash:

Briefly, on the night of October 25, 1973, My UFO Hotline was active with UFO reports from around the state. About 10:30 P.M. that evening, I received a call from state trooper from the Uniontown barracks concerning an incident which he had just returned from investigating. One of those involved, was put on the phone for me to interview. At about 9 P.M. about 15 people observed a very large red spherical object hovering low in the sky which began to descend towards a pasture. The witness and two boys proceeded up the field and observed a white dome shaped object on the ground that illuminated the area, and was making a loud whirring sound. It was estimated at about 100 feet in diameter. They were about 250 feet from the object, and about 75 feet from a fence line. Walking along the fence line were two tall figures, 7 to 9 feet tall, covered with hair, and arms hanging down past the knees, and displaying glowing green eyes.

The creatures were fired upon, first tracers were shot overhead, then live ammo was used. The largest of the two creatures turned towards the other almost touching it, and at the same time the object in the field disappeared, and the sound stopped. The creatures slowly walked towards the woods. One boy had already ran home, the other two left the field, went to the farmhouse and moved the family members to a neighbor's home, and called the state police. When the trooper arrived he and the main witness went to the site, and where the object had landed there was a glowing area, that according to the trooper was about 150 feet in diameter. He said he could read a newspaper from the amount of light that it was emitting. The farm animals refused to go into the area. The witness we talked with has always stated that before they left the field, the largest of the two creatures was seen in the woods about 10 feet from them, and he shot at it and it struck the fence that stood between them.

Later that night our team arrived in the area. Radiation levels normal, glowing area now gone, but animals still wouldn't go near the spot. Strange events began to occur during the early morning hours in this dark secluded location. A farmhouse several hundred feet from us was seen by some in the party to suddenly light up like daylight for several seconds. A bull in the field and a dog seemed unconcerned about us, and were looking into the woods. The main witness, a rather large individual while being questioned, suddenly begins to growl, throwing his father and my assistant George Lutz towards the ground. The man ran into the field growling like an animal and emitting screams, one which was near inhuman. His own dog approaches him as to attack, then runs off whimpering. The man suddenly collapses onto the ground. Then two of my team members begin to complain that they are having trouble breathing. Suddenly the air is filled with a strong odor that can best be described as rotten eggs.

The man as he came out of what appeared to be an almost trance-like state, began talking about visions he saw about the end of the world, etc. Not knowing what could happen next we helped each other back to our vehicles. It was apparent that professional help was required in this case, and eminent psychiatrist Berthold E. Schwarz was contacted. Dr. Schwarz traveled to PA at his own expense and interviewed all of those involved including the eyewitnesses and state trooper. There is much more detail to this case, and I spent years following the life of the principal involved. There were many para-normal events which reportedly occurred in the years following this episode. And many years later in a follow up interview, an MIB event associated with the case was revealed.

There are more details of the case revealed in John Keel's Strange Creatures From Time And Space, but I canít find my copy at the moment. Another encounter in the area during this famous 'flap' included a large, hairy being strolling about carrying a glowing orb.

Suffice it to say that in this case we have a panoply of weirdness involving many aspects of paranormal, even reaching into prophecy and even contacteeism, albeit of a sinister type. There are of course many other Bigfoot cases involving strange flying lights in the vicinity, most if not all of them are not in areas famous for Bigfoot sightings.

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