Mexico: Pustunich Resident Sees "Chupacabras" in Her Own Home
Mystery Casebook Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

April 11, 2008-"It drinks water with a long tongue, but not like a dog."

PUSTUNICH, Ticul -- After the death of four sheep, local residents claimed having seen a strange being in the night and insist that it is the Chupacabras.

One resident who requested anonymity says that she also saw the strange entity in her backyard.

"Shortly after the sheep were killed, around 12:30 pm., my niece was feeling sick and she was given a medication to calm her down. We suddenly heard a growl, such as dogs make when food is taken away from them, only louder.

"That creature was drinking water from a bucket that we placed under a water tank, but it drank as though it had a long tongue, as if absorbing the water, not like dogs do.

"As I was idle and near the window, I stood up and stuck my face against the glass. I was able to see a hairy form with heavy footsteps. The noise I made when I approached the window caused it to scare and disappear. Perhaps it flew away.

"My son, who lives next door, also heard the noise. The creature even banged itself twice against the wall. Other residents have heard noises since that time."

The rumor spread throughout the community that Delio Beh, after hearing strange sounds, tried to go out at night with shotguns to hunt down the alleged "Chupacabras" but fear got the better of him.

(Translation (c) 2008. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Leopoldo Zambrano).

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