Do You Believe Bigfoot Exists?
Mystery Casebook NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 News) ― A local organization has been tracking Bigfoot sightings in North Texas for years. They work on proving the creature's existence through video or photographic evidence. Click here to see some of that evidence.

Craig Woolheather is a member of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. He believes he came face to face with the creature in Louisiana.

"It was about 11:30 at night, and we noticed in the headlights of my vehicle a large, upright figure off to the right of the road," said Woolheater. "As we approached, we noticed that it was covered in hair… I said we got to stop, and she refused."

Woolheather said he regrets not stopping to investigate, but that regret turned into a passion. In 1994, the Texas Bigfoot Conservancy was born. The TBRC is 60 members strong.

Now he tracks Bigfoot sightings all over southern America and North Texas. Click here to see a map of the sightings.

The most recent reported sighting in North Texas was in 2006 in Navarro County near Navarro Mills Lake. A husband and wife reported a creature darting across the road as if fleeing something.

The oldest incident documented by the conservancy was in 1971 in Bosque County near the Bosque River. The family said they heard growling and some sort of yelling. They reported seeing a large being outlined in the streetlamp over a bridge. They said it looked like an ape with long, dark hair.

In both cases the TBRC reported plenty of water and food in the area that could sustain a Bigfoot creature. Click here for more eyewitness accounts.

Once the organization proves Bigfoot exists they want to preserve its habitat.

No animal experts in North Texas would comment on this story.

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