Sasquatch Spotted North of Grassy Narrows
A large footprint with six toes was seen in the sighting area. By ROB NAY, SUN MEDIA

A large footprint with six toes was seen in the sighting area.

A trip to pick blueberries last week bagged something much larger for a Grassy Narrows woman and her mother.

On July 22, Helen Pahpasay and her mother left the Ontario First Nation, located about 80 km northeast of Kenora, to go berry picking.

While driving in their truck to a spot about 25 km north of Grassy Narrows, Pahpasay said she spotted a tall, black creature roughly 15 metres ahead.

"It looked about eight feet tall and it was upright," she said.

Pahpasay said she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her until her mother confirmed she was seeing the same thing in front of them.

"We were scared... I had no idea what it was," said Helen Pahpasay. "It wasn't a bear or a moose. It was upright and walking."

Pahpasay said the creature they sighted darted into the bush and she and her mom, both frightened, decided to return to Grassy Narrows.

Once there, they met other family members, including Helen's brother Randy Fobister, who urged her to return to the site to see if they could find anything else.

After a bit of convincing, she drove back with friends and family members.


Near the area where Pahpasay reported seeing the tall figure, they say they found a large footprint with six toes near a beaver pond.

Fobister made a plaster cast of the footprint to ship off to be examined.

"It looked like it had taken one big step," said Pahpasay.

Years ago, people in the community used to discuss seeing a mysterious Sasquatch-type creature north of Grassy Narrows.

"I've been hearing about it since I was a kid, so when I got the chance close by here I jumped right on it," Fobister recently told Sun Media.

Pahpasay said she has never encountered anything like what she saw last week.

"I've never believed in anything like that before," she said.

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