Loch Ness Beast Discovered in Lough Foyle
Mystery Casebook LOUGH Foyle is home to Northern Ireland's very own Nessie, according to new research published today, April 1. Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster has long been a source of fascination across the world since the first recorded sighting, detailed in the Life of St. Columba written by Adamnan in 565AD.

Debate has raged ever since as to the origins of the monster, thought to be a remnant of prehistoric times.But never before has such a creature been reported in Northern Ireland waters.

That is until today.

Cryptozoologist Professor Mick E Taker claims he has evidence that a giant dinosaur like creature is alive and well and living in Lough Foyle.

" It most definitely is down there," he said.

"It is highly likely it is a cousin of the more famous Scottish beast. Foylie, as my team has christened her, measures around 90 ft, has two powerful rear flippers and a plesiosaur-like neck and body.

"As of yet we have been unable to get photographic evidence but rest assured it is down there."

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