Loch's Nessie Seen Again
Mystery Casebook Nessi monster was seen again in the region of Loch Ness, in Scotland. Couple of local anglers have seen the monster less than 200 yards from a shore. One of them claimsthat the monster was swimming towards them, and just a few yards from a coast it vanish under the water. This is the first time this year that somebody seen a Nessi.

The Loch Ness Monster is one of the best-known animals. The size of Nessie is 12-15 m, and it has a long, snake-like neck. It is popularly believed to be female. The sightings date back to 565 CE when the Irish Saint Columba claimed he saw the Nessie.

The most famous encounter was perhaps in the summer of 1933. On that day Mr. and Mrs. Spicer, returning from a trip to London, saw a monster cross the road, with an animal in his jaws, and submerge in the lake. This incident drew the attention of the world press and Nessie became an international phenomena.

There have been many expeditions since, but none as successful as to prove its existence. Is this just a story of people who is looking for some media attention, or is it possible that Nessi monster strikes again?


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