Weird Los Angeles: More Bigfoot!
Mystery Casebook January 26, 2008-During 1985 in Riverside, huge and unusual footprints were found. The Press-Enterprise newspaper at the time ran an article on the findings claiming that the prints were made by Bigfoot. Five years later near Palm Springs campers were alarmed by a series of terriyfing screams, heavy breathing and the movement of something large outside their tent. In the morning large footprints were discovered leading away from the camp area and into the thicket.

Legend has it that a creature known as the 'Billiwack beast' roams an area of Santa Paula, but this apparition seems far removed from your average Bigfoot. The humanoid is said to be greyish in colour and have a set of horns upon its head and long claws. The monster has attacked hikers in the region, and sightings date back to 1964 when it allegedly harassed a group of campers.

In 2002 in Los Angeles County, near Sunland, two hikers walking through the Angeles National forest were bombarded by a putrid stench on a remote pathway that used to be a stream. The ramblers then found a dead squirrel and were then terrified by the sudden shaking of trees in the distance and a loud banging noise as if a large branch was being whacked against a tree, causing the tree-tops of other trees to sway.

Suddenly a loud groan filled the air, a noise unlike any bear or cougar. The witnesses, moved away from the area, and the noise stopped but every time the walkers stopped in their tracks the groaning returned, as if some large creature was warning them to leave.

Sightings date back to the 1950s from Ventura and across towards San Bernardino but as Weird Los Angeles will show, even weirder things than Bigfoot have reared their ugly heads locally.

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