Philadelphia Weirdness: Bigfoot Legends
Mystery Casebook January 30, 2008-Whilst the heart of Philly may be bereft of sightings of the hairy humanoid we've come to know and love as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, history shows that such man-beasts have been evident within the counties which surround. For over a century Pennsylvania has been plagued by all sorts of high strangeness, and reports of hulking, bipedal beings are no exception.

During the summer of 1968 a sixteen-year old female camping in Bucks County was cycling to an unfinished site when she encountered a creature, which stood just over five feet in height and resembled a monkey. The beast, which had two massive arms, was rocking from side to side as it leaned on a fence just eight-feet away. The woman encountered a similar entity some eleven years later in the same location.

More campers at Bucks County saw Bigfoot during the '70s, with several sightings occurring in broad daylight. Another teenager who at the time was walking along a dried up river bed noticed a movement out of the corner of their eye and noticed a beige-coloured hairy creature crouching, that was still four-to-five-feet in height bent down. In 1976 two teenagers out hunting squirrels in Bucks County also saw a Bigfoot; the tall humanoid was around one-hundred feet away and casually chewing a tree branch. The creature was covered in reddish-brown hair and stood around seven feet tall.

During the '80s several sightings took place at Mercer. One hunter saw a Bigfoot twice, once from about three feet away at Hell's Hollow as he sat in his truck with his girlfriend. The creature casually strolled past and into the shadows of the trees.

A sighting in 1988 at Mercer involved a powerful creature, also at Hell's Hollow, which sped up a steep bank with ease, leaving the two witnesses dumbfounded. Then, as recently as 2001 two men driving home from an NFL game at 8:45 pm through Mercer County, rounded a bend when a light-brown bipedal creature glided across the road ahead. Then, during October of 2007 at 5:45 pm a hunter saw a muscular, eight-feet tall, hair-covered creature on a pathway as it walked away.

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