Tracks & Sounds of Bigfoot in West Virginia
Mystery Casebook MILL POINT, W.Va. (AP) While they didn't see hide nor hair of the beast itself, 20 people taking part in a four-day search for Bigfoot in West Virginia say they found tracks believed to have been made by the elusive creature.

Members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization's 2008 West Virginia expedition also claim to have heard sounds made by Sasquatch.

Steve Willis, a Cowen native now living in Virginia, led the Pocahontas County expedition.

Willis says the tracks are believed to have been made by a Bigfoot female and juvenile. He says the group also heard sounds described as being like someone knocking a baseball bat against a tree.

The organization estimates there are up to 6,000 sasquatches living in the USA and Canada. But skeptics cite the lack of physical evidence.

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