Bigfoot: A Giant Ape Without Tools?
Mystery Casebook Okay, nearly everyone has heard the predominant theory about Bigfoot—that they represent remnants of Gigantopithecus, a species of giant ape believed to have gone extinct about 100,000 years ago. If the theory were true, this would make Bigfoot a type of ape.

The predominant theory also dictates that Bigfoot do not use tools, except for perhaps slabs of wood they bang together to thrill the Bigfoot seekers. Shaped tools? Forget about it. Yet known apes make and use tools. Chimps have been observed fashioning spear-like implements out of sticks in the wild.

Gorillas have been known to smash palm nuts with stones, to extract the oil from them. So, if apes make tools, why shouldn't Bigfoot? To call Bigfoot giant apes, then dismiss the notion they could make and use tools, defies logic.

The animal kingdom provides evidence that nonhuman primates can and do make tools for specific purposes. The contradiction in the Bigfoot-are-Gigantopithecus theory leads to one final question. Do most Bigfoot researchers really know squat about animals?

written by Lisa Shiel

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