The Knowledge and Wisdom of Ancient Aliens
Alien figures with a woman Published: 9:41 AM: 02-11-11

Throughout our history images such as cave drawings, rock carvings and paintings, as well as sculptures have depicted what seems to be alien figures, as well as saucer-like objects.

Ancient religions and myths are filled with creation stories that feature gods from the stars. According to some myths these "gods" brought knowledge and wisdom to these ancient civilizations.

Are the fantastic architectural feats of Stonehenge,and the Pyramids, and other wonders examples of alien intervention?

These lost civilizations were primitive and yet they managed to create and build fantastic structures, as well as seeming to have knowledge of astronomy and geometry and other higher math.

For example, the movement and precision carving of the huge stones of the pyramids. How were they able to transport them from such great distances? How were they raised and put into place? Even today this would be quite an engineering feat.

Ancient drawings and and paintings seem to portray these god-like beings as benevolent and wise. Yet today aliens are often portrayed as evil, with the intention of destroying mankind and taking over our planet.

What happened to change our perception of these beings? There is a growing movement around the world that thinks that aliens do exist, and that we have been visited in the past and are indeed, being visited now.

Stories of alien abduction, ufo sightings, and close encounters at once seem to both fascinate and terrify us.

As more and more evidence is found, we will be forced to finally face the fact that we are not alone.

Pech Merle, France 17,00 to 15,000BC

Pech Merle, France 17,00 to 15,000BC

France, the cave of "Pech Merle" near "Le Cabrerets". These rock glyphs are dated from 17,000 to 15,000 BC. We see wildlife, alien-like figures, and a number of saucer like carvings.

From Toro Muetro, Peru, dated from 12 to 14,00 years old

From Toro Muetro, Peru, dated from 12 to 14,00 years old

Two examples from Toro Muerto, Peru are dated as being from 12 to 14,000 years old.

Ancient sculpture seems to depict an ancient astronaut perhaps?

Article written by: Brenda Booth

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