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Possible Chupacabra Sighting in Belarus
Published: 10:55 AM - 05-23-11

Employees of "UFO committee" arrived in Homel district in Belarus to investigate reports of the appearance of Chupacabra - "goat vampire" in the suburbs of the region.

This is, perhaps, the most common animal, which is either seriously ill or mutated due to radiation.

According to the unconfirmed information, it has sucked the blood of about 250 rabbits.

Bites in the form of four large holes were discovered on the victims' bodies, being in the closed cages at the time of the incident.

In addition, young people, who rested in the countryside, announced that they had seen strange creature of about 1.5 meters high, moving nearby on hind limbs.

According to them, the animal resembled an ostrich but with hooves, dog-like head, jaw with large teeth, gray hair, hanging in tufts, and eyes gleaming red in the dark.

"Judging by the descriptions, it may be Chupacabra. Its existence is not scientifically confirmed, but evidence of its existence appears periodically from different regions of the planet.

Chupacabra was first noticed in South America; its name is derived from the Spanish language with the meaning of a monster, called the "goat vampire," "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" quoted "UFO committee" investigator, Viktor Gayduchik.

The ufologists interviewed an eyewitness at the scene to clarify some details of the behavior of an unknown creature and recorded the GPS-coordinates of the meetings with it.

"Of course, ordinary animals, drastically affected by skin diseases, may be taken for a monster. This version is shared by zoologists, although they do not exclude options with a mutation or interbreeding.

The area where they saw Chupacabra, is contaminated by cesium-137 with a density of 2 - 5 Ci per square kilometer; it is prohibited by picking mushrooms and berries," added an investigator.

"I met a creature last spring at the end of March. We were with friends at a picnic, and I decided to stay alone until morning, listening to music. This monster ran past me at a distance of ten meters around 4 a.m. I almost crashed my laptop, trying to escape," told Aleksei from Homel.

Ufologists are going to arrange an ambush and night hunting for the so-called vampire. In addition, they ask other witnesses to contact them to assist in the search.

Edited by: Brenda Booth
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source & references: http://telegraf.by/2011/05/goat-vampire-is-searched-for-in-belarus.html


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