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Bigfoot Sighting Marble Mountain, CA
Published: 11:26 AM - 05-16-11

Marble Mountain Footage July 2000 on a mountain side near Ft.Jones California. Sasquatch nest/structure is found by 15 hikers which includes some disabled youths.

One youth finds nest then incredibly sees Sasquatch on Ridgeline 750+ yards away. Filmed for 3 minutes and 44 seconds. Confirms on most every Morphological point.

MMF is a stunning example of an Adult Male Sasquatch. Its actions of disappointment, despair, frustration, 60% arms show graceful movements, an inline step is clearly seen. This is a very Large Sasquatch. Scale is achieved through measurement of the trees, branches and investigators.

What you'll see: The video was shot by a hiker, a member of a 15-person group, in July, 2000 at Marble Mountain near Ft. Jones, California. In the distance, the hikers see a figure walking along the ridge of the mountain, past some trees and finally out of sight.

The videographer tries to zoom in as best he can, but the figure is too distant to get any details. The hikers watching it comment on its movement and arm length. The video is also enhanced andstabilized by the folks at Facebook Find Bigfoot, who also provide a good analysis.

source & references:www.paranormal.com

source url: http://paranormal.about.com/od/bigfootsasquatch/v/marble-mountain-bigfoot.htm?nl=1

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