The Elusive Chupacabra
The Mystical Chupacabra Published: 10:00 AM - 02-17-11

The mysterious Chupacabra has been sighted around the world with a marked increase in sightings since the early 1990's. Also dubbed "The Goatsucker" because of its predilection for goats, it also frequently preys on chickens, cats, dogs and other small mammals.

Some photographic evidence shows small to medium-sized creatures described by "experts" as everything from dogs with mange, hyenas even a small hairless bear.

It is obvious that something unknown is out there. Perhaps DNA testing will someday prove the existence of the elusive chupacabra.

The following video was put together by Mark Steinhouser:

Written by: Brenda Booth

Source & References: Video by Mark Steinhouser

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