Chupacabra Attacks Chicken Coop
El Chupacabra Published: 12:44 PM - 05-2-11

El Chupacabra strikes again. This time just across the state line in west Texas–where lots of people believe in the bloodthirsty creature–even though scientists say it doesn’t exist.

Stuart Dyson, always tracking chupacabra reports, is here with the latest.

A man in Horizon City, Texas, near El Paso believes one of them killed thirty of his chickens in classic Chupacabra style. Twenty dead chickens one morning, ten more the next day, and not a drop of blood anywhere in Robert Garcia’s chicken coop!

” There were chickens dead here–they were scattered all over the floor all the way to the back as you can see–there’s still feathers here.”

His dogs never made a sound either night. Question: "What do you think it was?" Answer: "I don’t know–we started looking at the bite marks ands there were two. The first thing that came to our mind was–the chupacabra!”

El Chupacabra–part reptile, part coyote- all bad. Scientists say there’s no such thing. Don’t tell that to Robert Garcia!”

Ten deead right here-all bunched together.When we came, there were no dog prints either. Nothing–and there’s no blood.”

Robert thinks the chupacabras will return–and he’ll be ready. " We’re thinking about buying some more chickens and staying out here one night and see what’s killing em or what’s going on.”

Don’t get too close Robert! They might be tired of chicken!

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