Do You Believe in Nessie and other Monsters?
Mystery Casebook Published: 9:46 AM 2/9/2011

The Abominable snowman, Bigfoot, Nessie, how many more are there? Is there any truth in them?

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The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Yetis, etc. do not exist.

1. What people fail to understand is that every living thing on this planet leaves a "footprint." This is defined as any impact on the environment that would not have naturally happened had this creature not been there in the first place.

2. First, if Nessie (or any other lake monster, but here I'll refer to just Nessie) could exist, a single plesiosaur (I will use the term "plesiosaur" not only to mean the actual dinosaur, but to also encompass any supposedly heretofore unknown creature of gigantic proportion) would have died thousands upon thousands of years ago, so this infers that Nessie has to be a family of plesiosaurs, living deep under the Loch in a series of underwater caverns.

The problem with this idea is that in order to maintain species viability, there must be many, many, members to insure successful breeding of each successive generation. What are they all eating? Blind cave fish? Each other?

A single plesiosaur should be able to eat its own weight in fish every week or so. The caverns, if they exist, would be picked clean in hours. Maybe, as some have suggested, there is a large exit into the ocean from these caverns, and the whole colony can "run out for a bite to eat."

3. The problem with this, is, like I said, the numbers needed to maintain species viability. If there were that many Nessies, the oceans would be full of them - and one of them would have been spotted or caught, either on film or in a fishing net one of the large commercial fishing haulers. They just aren't that smart to avoid detection.

Or one of their corpses would have surfaced and we would have a complete skeleton of a modern day dinosaur to study. No such thing has happened.

4. Anything less than overkill on species viability would not have allowed a species of dinosaur to have existed all these thousands upon thousands of years since the extinction level event that wiped them out.

5. Furthermore, Loch Ness is only about 10,000 years old and was formed glacial activity during the last Ice Age well after the age of the dinosaurs was over. For a plesiosaur to have ended up in Loch Ness again infers that it would have had to have entered the Loch via a submerged cavern network joined to the Atlantic, and that a large group of plesiosaurs would have somehow outlived and survived the extinction of the dinosaurs when no others did.

6. Back in the Fifties there was a movie or documentary made on the Loch Ness Monster, filmed on the Loch itself, and they had a rubber "Nessie" made for the shoot, large and durable. It sank halfway through filming and was never recovered, but it was engineered to float when air bladders inside were filled.

It is entirely possible this contraption accounts for a lot of the sightings and photos, as those bladders could be filling with gases from biodegrading plant material that has found its way into the mockup, and being pushed around the currents only to sink again when the gases escape. Photos snapped over the years are not conclusive, and the images taken could be any number of things from sunken kayaks to large lake eels.

7. Very basic timeline pertinent to this discussion:

Mesozaic Era: 245 - 144 million years ago. Ended with the Cretaceous period during which the mass extinction of the dinosaurs occurred.

Cenozoic Era: 65 - 0 million years ago. Ended with the Ice Age (which ended about 10,000 years ago) and the appearance of the first humans 190,000 years ago.

At the end of the Ice Age the glacier filling the Great Glen Fault retreated, leaving the Loch filled with water.

This means that a group of plesiosaurs would have had to have existed for 143,990,000 years BEFORE moving into the Loch. (the interval between the end of the dinosaurs and the end of the Ice Age). 144 million years living in equatorial oceans after the extinction level event and leaving absolutely no fossil record?

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