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The Mystery Of Dreams and Their Meanings
The mysteries of dreams
Published: 10:00 AM - 08-24-11

Everybody dreams and many people share the same dream themes. Read on to learn about the top ten most common dreams and their believed meanings. What are your dreams trying to tell you?

1.Being Trapped One of the most common dreams is being trapped alive. Whether you dream that you are trapped in a box, in a room or under the ground, speculation is that this dream means you could have real life problems that are making you feel caged and unable to move forward.

2.Flying Another famously common dream is the one in which you are flying effortlessly through the air. Many dream interpreters believe that this relates to creativity and freedom of expression.

3.Falling One night you're flying and the next yes you are falling. Free falling and not in a good rollercoaster-type way. The popular belief is that the falling dream is a sign that things may be out of control in your life or that you think they are. You may feel like you've lost your foundation or have been abandoned by someone.

4.Losing Your Teeth This dream is thought to have several meanings, everything from insecurity about appearance to feeling that you are out of control and are powerless. It may also mean you don't have the right words to express yourself or you were gossiping and are now regretting what you said.

5.Being Chased The feeling of being chased can be terrifying. If you are being chased in a dream, it could indicate that are you feeling threatened or are having trouble coping with someone.

6.Going Back to School Dreaming that you are sitting at a desk, unprepared for a test or unable to open your locker? This is a common dream that interpreters believe is related to job stress and pressures. Your first job was as a student and this dream takes you back to a time where homework, tests and locker combinations were major life stressors.

7.Being Naked These common dreams involve being unclothed in a public place, often at school or work. Dream interpreters say that this suggests that you are feeling vulnerable and "exposed" about something.

8.Missing a Plane or Boat Are you are rushing to catch a plane, boat, bus, car, etc. but just miss it? You could be feeling frustrated about something or feel that you have missed out on a good opportunity.

9.Snakes Snakes have been reported in dreams since ancient times. Dream interpreters believe that since snakes shed their skin, their appearance in dreams can signify a transformation or a renewal of some sort.

10.Car Problems Perhaps you dream you are driving and the brakes don't work, or you can't steer, or you are going off the road and over a cliff. These types of dreams are scary and are thought to indicate that you are going through a change and that you are feeling a bit out of control.

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