Extraterrestrial Healers
Mystery Casebook Published: 12:20 PM - 02-05-11

Florida - June 1986 - late night

The main witness was sleeping with her young daughter, who was suffering from an in-operable cancerous brain tumor, in her bedroom when she suddenly awoke to see three cloaked beings that were standing at the foot of their bed.

They were apparently communicating with each other but not with the witness.

When the witness attempted to reach over to touch her daughter she realized that she was unable to move. All she could do was move her eyes.

The beings then came over to the side of her bed and a very peaceful feeling came over her, the being that was directly opposite to the witness right shoulder bend over and touched her daughter, and everything went quiet and the witness memory ended at this point.

The next day her daughter experienced a massive nosebleed she apparently expelled a very large blood clot from her nose, almost gagging her.

A few months later the witness took her daughter for a new CT scan. Soon she was surprised to learn that her daughter's tumor was completely gone apparently removed by a laser, according to her doctor (name deleted).

Her daughter is now cancer free.

Edited by: Brenda Booth

Source & References:NUFORC

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