Missouri Trail Cam Camera Captures Unknown Being
Missouri Trail Cam Photo Submitted to Mystery Casebook

Missouri - 12-10-10

Full size, untouched image at bottom of article.

The submitter states that:

I got this on my trailcam Dec 10, 2010. If you look mid section, there seems to be a 2nd smaller creature leaning forward toward the tub. What do you think?

Last month and this month in Patterson MO, people have seen orange, orb-type lights moving in the sky, with no sound.

My son and I have witnessed these over the years.

If you go to Piedmont MO Topix, you can read the stories yourself. The picture I've sent you, I have only sent to Missouri MUFON.

Missouri - 12-10-10 Missouri - 12-10-10

(click on images for full size)

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Other abnormalities I've gotten on my trail cam are weird animals such as these (see above).

It appears to be part Racoon, and other strange things.

There are also stories about people reporting Bigfoot sightings north of here in Farmington MO.

Missouri - 12-10-10

Here is a daylight picture where the creature was. The tub, 23 inches high, is half-full of feed corn with some on the ground. I think the creature may have been attracted by the cam flash.

I get 60 or more pics a night. About 200 ft behind the tub is 80 unoccupied acres. 100 ft to right of tub is an additional 40 acres no one goes on, all wooded.

I kinda hope I'll get another shot on cam. Thanks for your interest. My family has seen the picture I sent you, and the reaction was, "Oh my God, what is it?"... my reaction too.

Thanks for not thinking I'm a kook.

Missouri - 12-10-10

Source & References: Submitted to the Mystery Casebook

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