Mysterious Humanoids Encountered In UK
Mystery Casebook Published: 0212:48 PM - 02-05-11

Near Milnthorpe, Cumbria, UK - July 1965 - late night A couple and their baby son were making an overnight journey when they pulled over for a cigarette break at a rest area.

Shortly after pulling in they noticed an intense red light, which appeared lens or domed shaped, behind a nearby dry stonewall. Within this light were three small creatures that seemed to give off a slight green luminescence.

The humanoids were described as having large round staring eyes and a long nose that looked like a “small elephant trunk” with a mouth that appeared as just a slit.

They had large heads and almost turnip shaped, and their bodies were round with hands with digits that were not defined. Two of the three entities had their arms held out in front of them as if gesturing.

No definite muscle tone or bone structure was seen, and they did not appeared to be wearing any clothing.

The humanoids appeared about 15 feet from the car in front of the wall when the object’s brilliance was noticed.

Both witnesses became frightened and drove off without seeing the humanoids depart. Later both witnesses felt silly for reacting in a frightened manner towards the creatures, because they had an impression that they meant no harm.

Source & References: BUFORA

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