Introduction to Paranormal Activity
Mystery Casebook Published: Feb 3, 2011

Article by Mark Muller

In this introduction to paranormal activity we give a definition of paranormal, and then go on to discuss ghosts as examples of spiritual entities and UFOs as representations for extraterrestrial activity. Finally, we look at cryptids like Bigfoot and Yeti whose existence has never been proved.

What is Paranormal Activity?

Most of us have seen paranormal activities in movies or read about them in books. Paranormal, by definition, are phenomena and manifestations which lie outside of normal experience, and which can neither be scientifically explained nor proved.

Despite the lack of support from the scientific community, which cannot disprove paranormal activities either, many people are interested in paranormal stories, and, for instance, like to visit haunted places.

Paranormal activities and sightings usually fall into these categories: spiritual entities, cryptids, which are organisms whose existence is told by legends and myths, but are doubted by scientists, and extraterrestrial manifestations.

Spiritual Entities

Spiritual entities, or ghosts, are the most believed paranormal manifestations. Ghosts usually appear in the form of descended humans, often in places where they have suffered injustice or cruelty, but animal ghosts have been reported, too. Ghost sightings report them as subtle material, misty and airy.

When ghosts attached themselves to a person they sometimes create disorder and havoc in the presence of people throwing objects around and making noise as poltergeists.

Sometimes, in spooks, ghosts mark their presence only by opening doors and other objects: you simply feel a cold breath or are touched without anyone visible being present. Moving chairs and tables are also often reported during ancestor worship.

When ghosts are attached to certain places like houses and castles for example then we talk about haunted places. There are number famous haunted places in England, e.g. Pendle Hill, and Stanley Hotel in America, where visitors even report having been whispered in their ears by spirits.

Many of these haunted places have been shown on Television and are subject to frequent inspections by paranormal investigators.

Despite not all haunting occur due to violent grounds some are seen as harbinger of death and other misfortune.

Extraterrestrial Manifestations

Flying saucers and other unidentified flying objects, or UFOs for short, are the most common forms of extraterrestrial sightings, usually a flying object in the sky for which neither the observers nor investigating agencies have an explanation, when misidentification with common objects such as planes, weather and light phenomena as well as astronomical perceptions have been ruled out.

Other extraterrestrial events include sightings of aliens, and some people claim to have even been abducted by an alien, that is they have subjectively real memories of having being kidnapped by nonhuman entities and subjected to medical examinations. Legend also says that some governments are in possession of alien bodies found in the wrecks of crashed UFOs.

The search for extraterrestrial life and civilizations, and the believe that Planet Earth is not the only inhabited place in the universe does not fall in the category “paranormal”. In fact there are many organizations searching the cosmos for clues of any other form of live.

A famous project is SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) which includes a number of scientific activities involving analyzing electromagnetic signals, supported by five million computer users all over the world.


Cryptozoology refers to the animal cryptids whose existence has not been proven yet. The most famous of the species are the Loch Ness monster, a dinosaur-like creature which is said to be living in the waters of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, Bigfoot, an ape-like hairy cryptid seen in North-America, and Yeti, the famous snowman who is said to inhabit the Himalayan region.

Finally, werewolves, who have been spotted for centuries, are the most extreme forms of cryptids because their characteristics involve rapid shapeshifting from human to wolf. Yet, as these lycons are said to only be killed by silver bullets, and as they appear only on full-moon, some see werewolves rather as supernatural than paranormal creatures.

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