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Chupacabra Sighting in San Antonio, TX

Published: 9:26 AM - 05-19-11

SAN ANTONIO -- The blood-sucking chupacabra sightings continue. This time the peculiar animal has apparently been spotted in Helotes and near Stockdale. The creature appears to be hairless and sports strange toes.

Drake Gafford found one of the odd dead animals along Highway 181 South. "I threw him in a sack on the bed of my pickup," he said. Gafford described the animal as having "red eyes, big old fangs and claws coming out, just a sharp as they could be."

Both carcasses beg the question: Are they the vampire-like monsters with the worldwide following? Gafford says he is convinced.

"Chupacabra all the way," he said. "It doesn't surprise me at all with civilization encroaching on animals," he added.

Edited by: Brenda Booth
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source & references: Karen Grace / KENS 5 San Antonio, TX


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