Ancient Bigfoot Wars?
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Dateline: Cappadocia, Turkey-Time: 2nd Millennium BC-Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Underground cities. Booby-trapped tunnels. Huge stone barricades. The Hittites, ancient inhabitants of Turkey, went to a lot of trouble to fend off their enemy. Why take such extreme measures for a human enemy?

Archaeologists say the Hittites built their underground fortresses to fight off the Sea Peoples. Yet the ancient Egyptians fought the Sea Peoples tooŚwithout underground fortifications.

Maybe the Sea Peoples weren't the enemy the Hittites feared most. Maybe the enemy wasn't even human.

The fortifications employed by the Hittites suggest several characteristics of their enemy: 1) great strength; 2) dominance over the land and sky; and 3) great resilience. In other words, the enemy was hard to kill and harder to hide from. What kind of creature would have those characteristics?

Bigfoot would. The sightings tell us Bigfoot possess great strength and great resilience (they're hard to kill). They would likely have dominance over the land simply because of their strength and resilience. As for dominance over the comes that pesky UFO connection again! Perhaps the Bigfoot had airborne reinforcements.

Of course, this is all conjecture. But so is virtually everything we "know" about Bigfoot and much of what we think we know about ancient history. And isn't it fun to wonder?

A final point to ponder... Cappadocia has, in recent times, become a hot spot for UFOs.

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