Investigators Search for Bigfoot in Battens Community
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December 5, 2007-Is it just folklore or real? Native Americans called it “Sasquatch”, a legend that has crept in the minds of many since 1967, when a video was released of an unknown creature shown walking in a deep-wooded area. Californian Tom Biscardi, since viewing the film in ‘67, knew this would become his life’s work, his destiny - to find evidence and do research of “Big Foot”.

Monday afternoon, Biscardi and his team of five investigators, arrived from Oklahoma at the home of Charles Creel in the Battens community. The team will stay for three days collecting evidence that Big Foot and a “family pod” may be roaming in woods along a creek on more than 1,000 acres of land.

Three weeks ago, Biscardi said he sent a prelimentary team of investigators to the Battens community.

“I don’t go to a place like this unless there has been evidence showing that a family pod of Big Foot may be in these woods,” he said. “The prelimentary team found footprints that seem to belong to an unknown creature and that’s why we came all the way from a site in Oklahoma. We believe that there may be more evidence h

ere and if there is, we’ll find it.” Biscardi said he believed there were more than 3,500 Big Foots across America.

“They are nomads. They never stay at a place very long and they only hunt at night. I’ve been doing this for 34 years and I’ve seen enough evidence to believe that there is a type of an unknown creature that exists,” he said.

Biscardi claims to have evidence of a Big Foot skeleton, a hand and hair sample of the creature.

“We took the hair sample to forensics and it came back as of ‘unknown origin.’ We also let doctors examine the hand and they don’t know what it is. It isn’t a bear or a type of gorilla. It’s not anything they’ve never seen before,” he said. “The evidence we’ve gathered all simply comes back unknown.”

Biscardi said he, along with all the team members, have had personal encounters with the creature.

“I came face to face within 12-feet of one,” he said. “It was very, very tall, hairy, but with lighter face features,” he said. “I’ve had a total of six personal encounters with it and that just makes me want to search more to prove that they exist.”

Creel said he had been in contact with Biscardi and his team for about a year.

“There’s a big cattle farm here with thousands of acres and we found two cows with their necks broken and all their inside organs taken out. Whatever or whoever it was just left the meat,” he said. “There were another two cows that disappeared.”

According to Biscardi, the creature migrates from north to south and south to north.

“ We want to try to capture one on their migratory path and I believe that this area could be a place where they are staying for awhile. The footprint we have is 16 inches long, 9 inches across and 4 inches on the heel. They’re usually big, but this one seems to be huge.”

All the factors for a Big Foot family seem to in the Battens community inside the deep wooded areas of the land the team will search.

“It’s got all they need to survive,” he said. “You’ve got a big creek, you’ve got cattle and food sources and you’ve got some deep woods that can bed in and hide. They seem to not like humans or go near them unless they feel threatened.”

The team, dressed in thick hunting clothes and gear for the night search Monday, starts taking out equipment from a Big Foot trailer.

Six infrared cameras and night-vision video equipment are used in a search, along with thermal imaging cameras and train-trip cameras.

The team also carries biopsy darts, which are available to shoot at the creature.

“The biopsy darts go into the creature and gather blood and hair samples, then pop out so we can gather it and then have it examined,” Biscardi said. “We also have tranquilizer guns and a large net that shoots from a canon-type device. We also have a bionic-ear that will pick up sounds we can hardly hear from around a mile away.”

Around 8 p.m. Monday night, the team prepares to go on the hunt for Big Foot. In the cold 34-degree weather, the team traveled along with Creel, residents Brandon Sims from the Damascus area and Anthony Mitchell of Chancellor.

Video photographer Brian Mazzola prepares his equipment to film the next Big Foot Lives documentary.

“I believe the Big Foot phenomenon has crossed over the main stream America. It’s amazing because more and more people across the county are sharing their stories because of the work we’ve done,” Biscardi said. “We’ve traveled throughout this whole country to hear the stories and see footprint and photo evidence that Big Foot really exists.

Biscardi, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Searching for BigFoot Inc., said the live radio broadcasts had gone to more than 27 countries and the website,, receives thousands of hits daily.

“I’m very serious about this or I wouldn’t have been in it for 34 years,” he said. “I know it exists. I just have to prove it to the whole world.”

Biscardi said his journey on this quest would end the minute a Big Foot is captured live.

“My journey would be complete and I know that one day we’ll have the evidence needed to prove that another type of creature lives among us.”

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