B.C.'s Ogopogo Tale in Expert's Sights
Mystery Casebook Loch Ness Monster expert Adrian Shine is turning his attention to a Canadian monster.

Shine says he wants to visit B.C.'s Lake Okanagan to study reported sightings of Ogopogo, a Nessie-like giant creature said to inhabit the lake.

Like Loch Ness, Okanagan is very deep -- about 230 metres -- but is longer (135 km) and wider (4-5 km) than Loch Ness.

Shine said his preliminary research into Ogopogo leads him to believe the Okanagan monster legend is a combination of local native traditions and the kelpie-water horse stories brought by Scottish traders and settlers.

The first modern sighting of Ogopogo was by more than 30 people at a Lake Okanagan beach in 1926. Films of a creature in the lake were recorded in 1968 and 1989, but neither film was clear enough to provide a definitive answer to what the creature was.

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