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Bigfoot - Is it possible that a giant, hairy creature called Bigfoot could still inhabit the forested lands of our planet? Many people think so.

This reclusive, unpredictable animal is the subject of much debate, and though it is called a hoax by many, the legend of Bigfoot continues today, perpetuated by eye witness encounters, video and photographic evidence.

The name Bigfoot is often used interchangeably with Sasquatch, although the creature goes by many different names around the world. Most cultures have their own stories: stories of a large bipedal creature, rarely seen, yet often discussed.

The Yeti of Tibet, and the Yowie of Australia are also well known names for the creature.

Many disbelievers claim that ample evidence does not exist to substantiate a Bigfoot creature. Although he is one of the best known names in cryptozoology, until a body, or a living specimen is brought forth for evidence, he will remain in the realm of folklore and legend, and be a good source of camp site stories.

The beginning of Bigfoot sightings in North America, more or less, began in 1958, when a bulldozer operator named Jerry Crew took a cast of Bigfoot prints to a newspaper office. Allegedly, he had found the large footprints at an isolated work site in Bluff Creek, California. The local story took on more meaning when it was republished by the Associated Press.

The legend of Bigfoot had began on a major scale.

Today, we are no closer to solving the mystery than we were 50 years ago. However, with better cameras and video recorders we are hopeful that one of these sly, reserved creatures will be caught, at least on film. This may have already occurred, depending on whom you talk to.

Take a look at the evidence presented on the Mystery Casebook. Judge for yourself.

There is some very compelling evidence that the creature known as Bigfoot really does exist. See some of the evidence below...

(B J Booth)

Bigfoot Articles

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