Bigfoot-1869 Encounter in Indiana
Bigfoot, Mystery Casebook The Crawfordsville Review tells a long and wonderful story of one Mr. Hardee, living in that vicinity, who, while out coon-hunting, “was confronted by an appearance” which, he assured the editor, baffles description. By the light of his shell-bark torch, it appeared like a gigantic ape, sitting in the path in front of him.

What it was, he had no idea, and the party being yet some distance in the rear, he hesitated about approaching it. His dog, meanwhile, crouched down at his feet, and refused to stir.

Thinking it better to advance than retreat, Mr. H. waved his torch until it blazed brilliantly, and made a few steps towards the monster, when it uttered a yell so terrific and appalling, that it well night froze the blood in his veins. At the same time it seemed to beat upon its breast with long, uncouth arms. Mr. Hardee, although by no means lacking in courage, beat a hasty retreat. The remainder of the party, hearing the yell, had fled precipitately.

The monster, animal, or whatever it was, did not, however, offer to pursue them. A party has been formed to hunt down the monster some time during the present week.

The Review adds: “Most of our readers are aware of the fact that the country where Mr. H. encountered the untamed monster, is very wild and broken.

It is on the route leading to the far-famed ‘Shadow of Death,’ than which a wilder or more desolate region is rarely to be found.”

Fort Wayne [Indiana] Daily Democrat, January 25, 1869

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