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Bigfoot, Sasquatch Photographs
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The Patterson-Gimlin film is a movie of a Bigfoot creature taken by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin in 1967. Both men lived near Yakima, Washington State. Gimlin, a highly experienced outdoorsman, was a close friend of Patterson and agreed to accompany him on a wilderness expedition to search for the creature... continue with information on Patterson-Gimlin Video.

source: Internet Virtual 2007/bigfoot Conference Digest, 1996, V2 #111.

What did the remote camera of researchers Klindt & Dianna catch on April 30, 2006, near Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA?

source: http://www.cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/2006-cz-pix/

This could be a picture of a women's hair or a man in a women's Halloween wig but you never know there could be a bunch of women in women's Halloween costumes trying to trick the Bigfoot community.

It could also just be the same man in a Bigfoot costume in every single Bigfoot photo, you never know, but you also never know it could just be the elusive Bigfoot.

The Silver Star Mountain Photographs-Photograph 1-These photographs, among the best 2007/Bigfoot/Sasquatch photographs for clarity, were taken on Silver Star Mountain, in Gifford Pinchot National Forest on November 17, 2005. Located outside of Yacolt, Washington, and taken by a backpacker.

See more on these photographs at our article, The Silver Star Mountain Photographs.

Silver Star Mountain - Photograph 2

See more on these photographs at our article, The Silver Star Mountain Photographs

Silver Star Mountain - Photograph 2 enlarged

See more on these photographs at our article, The Silver Star Mountain Photographs

Photograph of an apparent Bigfoot-like creature taken in an unknown location.

source: http://theshadowlands.net/bf.htm

The Controversial Discovery of de Loys Ape

Published: 9:28 AM - 03-01-11

Louis Fran?ois Fernand Hector de Loys, (1892-1935) was a Swiss geologist pioneer of the young science of oil fields prospecting. He travelled extensively and collected experience in Europe, Africa and America during the golden age of oil exploration.

Unfortunately, de Loys is less known for his geological achievements than for a strange story about a strange photograph.


Bigfoot & Baby Caught On Trailcam?

Published: 3:54 AM - 04-20-11

The trailcam had been set up by a man who wanted to see what was eating all the apples off his tree. You can see several apples on the ground in the photos (perhaps that is why this creature is bending over, to gather them).

On Steve Kull's Blogtalkradio show, Squatchdetective Radio, Kulls publicly unveiled the photo:


A Bigfoot Baby's Hand?

This photograph appears to show a large hairy creature bending over, and what looks like a small hand or paw clinging to the fur of the larger creature, possibly a baby.


Bigfoot in Photo - Compared to Size of Man

Here are a couple of comparison photos showing the massive size of the creature compared to a human photographed from the same trailcam at the location.


Bigfoot in Photo - Compared to Coyote

Here are a couple of comparison photos showing the massive size of the creature compared to a coyote that were both photographed from the same trailcam at the location.


Expert Says Hundreds of Sasquatch In Existence

Published: 11:33 AM - 04-30-11

Jeff Meldrum has a lot of clout behind his name. He is an Associate Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology and Adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of Anthropology at Idaho State University.

Meldrum is also Adjunct Professor of Occupational and Physical Therapy and Affiliate Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Idaho Museum of Natural History.

He also is considered to be one of the leading experts in Bigfoot or Sasquatch research.


Meldrum with Bigfoot Casts


Meldrum with Casts (2)


Bigfoot Face: Could This Be The Holy Grail?

Published: 10:21 AM - 06-21-11

It was the image of her crossing that dry riverbed that first grabbed my attention.

I must have been but a mere 8 years of age. I used to sit quietly and page through my father's old book on the subject of the world's mysteries.


Sasquatch! Oklahoma's Bigfoot - Possible Shelter

Published: 10:32 AM - 07-21-11

HONOBIA, OK -- Nestled among the Kiamichi Mountains in eastern Pushmataha and western LeFlore counties lies Honobia, OK, a town with a history of strange sightings of an ape-like creature.


The Shennongjia Wildman: China's Bigfoot

Published: 10:54 AM - 07-25-11

Reports from central China hint at yet more evidence that the so-called "Shennongjia Wildman" may actually exist.

Shennongjia, in China's Hubei province, is one of the country's most rugged areas featuring mountains up to 9,840 ft (3,000 meters) tall and thick old-growth forests.


This photo was taken in 1997 by a fire fighter captain on the edge of the Florida Everglades. This Bigfoot relative is known as the Skunkape in the Florida area.

The Skunkape has been sighted numerous times and there have also been footprints found and cast. It gets it's nickname from the powerful stench that often accompanies it. Reported sightings of this creature go back 30 years.

source: http://theshadowlands.net/bf.htm

This photograph was taken in 1992 or 1993, by Annette Crews, 10 miles NE of Morton, WA. She thought she was snapping a picture of a bear... until she realized it was walking downhill on two legs.

This is NOT one of those photos where the photographer saw the object after the fact - she took the picture for the express purpose of capturing this moving object on film.

Unfortunately, the camera had no zoom. I have seen two of the series and can personally verify that the subject's position on the hillside had changed from one picture to another.

source: http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/crews.php

Is this a photo of a Bigfoot? Or a bear standing on its hind legs? Or nothing but shadows and leaves?

Tom Biscardi says it is an actual photo of a Bigfoot and that it was taken by Wayne Burton in Ohio.

source: http://www.cryptomundo.com/bigfoot-report/tom-biscardi-update/

Photograph of an alleged Skunk Ape. Taken by David Shealy in Florida's Big Cypress Swamp. Frame capture of video.

source: http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/members/photos/shealy.php

The Bigfoot Research Center - This photograph was taken from a video film captured by a cam corder placed in the woods of Wedikend Creek, Grays Harbor, Washington.

source: www.bigfootresearchcenter.com

No information available on this photo, but it is interesting to look at. Something seems to be lurking not far from the man on his all-terrain vehicle.

Source: Unknown

This account was sent to www.oregonbigfoot.com. Man and his daughter took this photograph at Shore Acres, above Crescent Bay in Charleston Oregon in 2003.


Taken by a man who was driving to work in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada in the winter of 2006. During a snowstorm, he noticed something down the road. It was a Bigfoot/Sasquatch animal.

He took a short video film of the creature. Frame grab.

source: www.youtube.com

This Bigfoot picture were taken in 2002, near Delroy, Ohio. This Bigfoot hunt scared us to death! My sons and I were charged, and rocks were thrown at us from this very bigfoot in the pictures above.

The bigfoot appeared very frightened and annoyed that we were following her. We believe this to have been a female, perhaps protecting its young.

After the photographs, we felt it best to leave the area, due to its aggressiveness.


This photo was taken with a hidden camera at Moyie Springs, Northern Idaho. The owner of property noticed foot tracks some weeks earlier and set camera up in tree along path of tracks. This picture was taken from that camera mounted in the tree.

It seems that the Bigfoot took a bite of the red fir tree bark.

In the original that I have you can clearly see a piece of bark in the air. I circled the bark in the photo.


At this time, the details of this photograph are unknown. Possible Fabrication.

source: http://nowhitefenders.com/images/

This is a 1977 still photo made from a 16mm film made by Ivan Marx reportedly showing the legendary Big Foot cavorting in the hills of northern California.

source: http://www.livescience.com/

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