Bigfoot Trap Still Maintained
Mystery Casebook Bigfoot trap - February 2007-What is believed to be the world's only Bigfoot trap is located in the Siskiyou National Forest in the southern part of Jackson County, Oregon, a few miles from the California border. It was designed to trap a bigfoot (or sasquatch), a legendary hominid that is said to live in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

The trap was built in 1974 by the North American Wildlife Research Team (NAWRT), a no-longer-extant organization based in Eugene, Oregon, that was inspired by Perry Lovell, a miner who lived near the Applegate River, who found 18-inch-long human-like tracks in his garden. NAWRT operated the trap, keeping it baited with carcasses for six years, but they only caught bears.

Some Bigfoot researchers feel that this is not a good design for a bigfoot trap because they suspect bigfoot creatures are generally far too intelligent to enter such a structure, even if it was baited with tempting foodstuffs.[citation needed]

Since then the trap had been abandoned and was deteriorating. In 2006 the United States Forest Service, under the Passport in Time program, began to repair the trap. The trap has become a tourist attraction over the past 30 years and hundreds of people visit it annually.

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