The Ken Chaplin Ogopogo Footage
Ken Chaplin, Mystery Casebook On July 18, 1989, Clem Chaplin spotted Ogopogo swimming among a group of logs not far from the shores of Okanagan. He told his one Ken about the sighting. Ken took his video camera and waited for a chance to film the legendary monster. His patience was rewarded with an extraordinary film of Ogopogo. The creature appeared to be hairless, greenish in color, and about 15 feet long.

He was about 75-100 feet away from the monster as he rolled the film. In one startling moment, the monster can be seen thrashing the water with its snake-like body as it raised its head above the water.

Some skeptics have proposed that the "flapping" motion can be attributed to a beaver, but proponents of the film have claimed that beavers, unlike the creature in the Chaplin film, lowers its head when flapping its body in the water. Ken Chaplin also pointed out that the creature he saw was some 15 feet in length, whereas the largest known beavers only measured 4 1/2 feet in length.

A few days later, accompanied by his father, and his daughter Cory, returned to the location of the previous footage, and amazingly they again spotted Ogopogo, and took additional footage of the creature.

The film caused great excitement and new hope for lake monster hunters. Could there be a real creature living in Lake Okagan of a yet to be determined zoological species? A good look at the Ken Chaplin film may just substantiate this claim.

Ken Chaplin Photo

(B J Booth)

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