The Art Folden Ogopogo Film
Mystery Casebook, Art Folden In 1968, the very first video film of Ogopogo was taken by sawmill worker Art Folden. He was driving along Okanagan, and glancing at the lake, he noticed something strange in the water. What Folden saw was near the shore, and he pointed out his sighting to his wife. He stopped his car, and got out to take film of the disturbance.

The creature would dive under the water and then reappear. Upon each reappearence, Folden shot his film. The video shows the creature moving from shore into the deeper waters of the lake, finally diving under for good.

By estimating the height of the trees on shore, it can calculated the the length of the animal that Foley filmed was about 40 feet, approximately the same size as the monster of Loch Ness. The film has been enhanced by investigators, and clearly shows a "dark object" moving through the waters. The film has become known as one of the classics of lake monster lore.

(B J Booth)

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