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Lake Monsters
Large, unknown animals that live deep in lakes of the world are known as leviathans or lake monsters. Especially in large lakes we have all wondered at one time or another just what might be living under the cover of the water's darkness, just out of eyesight.

Once in awhile, someone gets a glimpse of an unknown creature that briefly breaks the waters, and at this time, a legend is either created or perpetuated.

On rare occasions, a lucky person may take a photograph or video of one of these mysterious monsters, etching an indelible mark in the legend of lake monsters.

The existence of these legendary creatures has not been established scientifically, yet those who believe in them are not dissuaded.

The legend and search for these mysterious water legends continues on a world-wide basis, though certain lakes are more well known for their monsters than others.

Of all of these places, Scotland's Loch Ness has the most distinction, harboring its monster Nessie, which is responsible for much of the area's tourist influx. Nessie is probably one of the oldest known monsters, but it does have its rivals.

Among these are Opopogo of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Manipogo in Lake Manitoba, and Champ in Lake Champlain, among others.

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Lake Monster Articles

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