The Larry Thal Ogopogo Film
Larry Thal, Mystery Casebook Twelve years after the Art Folden film, in 1980, another riveting film of the Ogopogo monster would be taken. Larry Thal, who was with a group of tourists who thought they saw a large creature in the lake, had his motion picture camera with him.

Thal, who had been filming his kids, turned his camera toward the waters of the lake.

Thal stated that what he saw was a "strange sight." Researchers who studied slow motion enhancements of the film proclaim that the method of movement of the monster can be seen, and its speed also.

Waves are created as the creature moves along, and at one brief point, part of the body rises from the surface of the water.

Ogopogo researcher and author Arlene Gaal claims that the Thal film is very closely related to the Folden film. Both seem to show a large creature 40-60 foot in length.

(B J Booth)

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