Three Sightings in One Night
Mystery Casebook On June 17, 1993, Edna MacInnes and David Mackay, both of Inverness, reportedly saw the monster which they described as forty feet long, pale brown, and with a long neck held high above the water...

After swimming along the surface, it sank into the water. Although the monster was a mile from the shore, MacInnes claimed to have run along the shore to keep up with it.

"I was scared when the wash from its wake lapped on the shore, but I just kept running behind it. By the time it plunged below the surface I was running as fast as I could go," she added.

Forty minutes later they saw it again, and Mackay attempted to take a photograph, but only managed to get a picture of its wake.

Later the same evening it was reportedly seen by James MacIntosh of Inverness along with his son James . Young James saw it first, saying "Dad, that's not a boat." They described a pale brown, long-necked creature heading away from shore

The final sighting of the night was reported by Lorraine Davidson, who saw a large wake in the loch, when no boats were visible for miles. The wake appeared to be different from a typical boat wake, in a manner not described in the report.

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