If It Looks Like a Bigfoot and Smells Like a Bigfoot...
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written by Lisa A. Shiel, author of Backyard Bigfoot, a ForeWord magazine 2006 Book of the Year finalist, founder of the Michigan Upper Peninsula Bigfoot Organization (MUPBO)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bigfoot researchers are not the only ones who would prefer to ignore the Bigfoot-UFO connection. A lot of UFO researchers would prefer to do the same. If they receive a report of a hairy, bipedal creature in association with a UFO or other high strangeness, they call it a "humanoid entity," thereby evading the whole Bigfoot problem. It ain't a Bigfoot; it's just a hairy humanoid entity who sort of resembles a Bigfoot.

Does the very fact that a hairy humanoid appears in association with UFOs make it something else unrelated to the Bigfoot phenomenon? Why avoid the obvious simply because the facts seem to bridge the divide between two fields of research?

I will tell you now the main reason why researchers on both sides want to separate the two phenomena: They want to keep their kingdoms. UFO researchers don't want Bigfoot researchers invading their territory, and Bigfoot researchers feel the same way about UFO researchers. They may like each other, they may even become friends, but neither wants the other to encroach on the opposite side's territory.

The divide between Bigfoot and UFOs has more to do with egos than evidence.

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