The Minnesota Bigfoot
Mystery Casebook by JGordon on Oct. 20th, 2007

Big Feet: They come in all shapes and sizes. (Photo courtesy of Rakka on spring I read “The Beast of Bray Road,” a book detailing Wisconsin’s history of werewolf encounters (which have become particularly dense recently).

Ever since, I have been more than a little jealous towards the Wisconsinites. This is a new and uncomfortable feeling for me. Why should they get werewolves and dogmen while, just next door, we have to make due with albino squirrels and Paul Bunyan? They shouldn’t. And we won’t.

Last week, the Duluth News Tribune printed a story on Minnesota’s homegrown Bigfoot. A few local Bigfoot enthusiasts/trackers are interviewed in the article (which is also here, in case you don’t feel like registering at the other site). They offer the following information:

-There are 300, 400, or maybe 500 Bigfoot living in Minnesota.

-Bigfoot are very fast.

-In their haste, they sometimes leave footprints (which are big), and are sometimes seen (there have been 20 documented sightings in the last 2 years).

-They communicate by leaving “piles of branches and stick figures,” and by “knocking on trees.” I do the same.

-Bigfoot have cone-shaped heads, and backwards-facing palms

The article also links Minnesota Bigfoot to Native American tradition, referring to a being called “bugwayjinini,” meaning “wild man.” The bugwayjinini was thought to be a benevolent creature, meant to guide and care for humans. Also, its sightings were often interpreted as a warning of a coming disaster or sickness. So, you know, keep that in mind. If you ever spot one.

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