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Turkish Lake Monster

An amateur monster-hunter has recorded video footage of a supposed sea monster swimming across Lake Van, a small lake in eastern Turkey. The mediocre-quality footage, snippets of which were posted in QuickTime movie format on the CNN web site, shows an indeterminate dark object several feet in length bobbing up and down on the lake's surface.
The video was shot on June 10 by Unal Kozak, a teaching assistant at Van University, who says that he has spotted and filmed the creature on three separate occasions. Kozak has written a book on the Lake Van monster, having collected the testimony of a mind-blowing 1,000 witnesses.
Kozak says the alleged sea monster has been a matter of intense fascination for him ever since it was first reported at Lake Van in 1995. Among the witnesses who first claimed to see a dinosaur-like creature was a provincial deputy governor, who persuaded the Turkish parliament to carry out a search.


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