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Bigfoot-Oklahoma Casino Bigfoot Footage Reconstruction

I remember reading about this ages ago and went on a frenzied search trying to track the video down online, but all paths led to the video either being destroyed or disappearing into bureaucracy.

It sounded like an amazing piece of footage judging from descriptions of people who knew people who had seen it (hmm). It was shot from a security cam overlooking a grease pit next to a Native American casino (I think it's this one) in Oklahoma. Apparently a research team was called in to investigate, news had leaked to the media at this time and the video disappeared, I don't think any one knows quite what happened to it, but most of the speculation centers around the two reasons previously mentioned.

It seems like the casino didn't want to draw any attention and cut everything off short and there's not a lot of info about the incident. Good on them i guess, but I sure would have loved to see that footage.

If the video looks anything like this computer generated reconstruction it really would have been amazing, though we'll probably never know.


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