Bigfoot: New DNA evidence?
Mystery Casebook Did the History Channel make history?

The November 7 episode of The History Channelís new cryptozoology show MonsterQuest showcased an earnest search for Sasquatch. At the forefront of the expedition was Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a past guest on The Illumination Project.

Mysterious Universe fans may recall episode 81 in which Ben covered the incident of the film crew harrassed by what may have been a rock-throwing sasquatch. At the end of the show, MonsterQuest analyzes blood, hair and tissue found in a bear trap. Did the blood contain the much-sought-after Bigfoot DNA evidence?

An analysis of a portion of the DNA (388 base pairs) revealed that the sample was only one base pair off from being human! While this difference might be attributed to damaged human DNA or an artifact from the lab analysis process, further studies are currently being conducted.

Keep in mind that only a small (but well known) portion of the DNA was analyzed ó 388 base pairs out of billions. A full analysis of the DNA found could take a year.

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