Second Bigfoot Sighting In Norway House, Manitoba
Mystery Casebook Second Bigfoot Sighting In Norway House, Manitoba: Nervous Residents Seek Answers, Offer Photos of Evidence

Written by Annie-Published May 31, 2005

A second bigfoot sighting has been reported by a young girl, and her play mates in Paupanekis Point, Norway House, Manitoba, which is located on the south end of the same First Nations reserve where ferryman, Bobby Clarke, videotaped a large, dark, bipedal creature walking along the bank of the Nelsen River.

The girls were close to a residential area, which borders the woods, at around 7:30-8:00 pm on May 20, when the encounter occurred. The woods are bordered by knee high grass, which is where the creature was standing in plain view, apparently watching the children play. One of the girls fainted from fright, after seeing "a huge creature." None of the children were hurt, but they are understandably still quite shaken, and afraid to be left alone.

Immediately following the sighting, a search party was assembled to investigate the surrounding area. Footprints were found where the actual sighting occurred, as well as deeper into the woods. Several more expeditions have been conducted since, and have resulted in finding more physical evidence. The size of some of the tracks measure "larger than a man`s size 16 shoe" said one witness, and have a clearly defined outline of the toes. The tracks have been preserved, photographed, and videotaped by Norway House residents.

Hair samples have also been found at several locations, including on the inside edge of one of the footprints, and at another location, clinging to a pine tree where more tracks, and a strong lingering odor was also reported. The odor was described to be a mix between wet dog, and skunk. A witness who has collected some of the hair samples reported, "I thought they would be thick and course and black, but they look kinda longish, half black and half white and (on some) the very bottom looks almost fine and spliced up like a fine razor split the hairs into many on one single strand."

The physical evidence collected following the most recent sighting raises some interesting questions. Where as the Nelson River tracks measured 20 inches in length, with a six foot stride, in Paupanekis Point, tracks measuring 13 inches in length, as well as 20 inches have been found. Also, hair samples given to the ACA`s expedition team were dark in color, according to Cherie Curry, a member of the team, yet the hair samples found after the second sighting are half black, and half white.

Some N.H. residents have theorized that the smaller prints may belong to a juvenile, and that it has possibly wandered away from an adult/parent, which might explain the ongoing incidents surrounding Norway House, including the frequent howls coming from wooded areas close to homes. Bobby Clarke also reported hearing strange howls on several occasions preceding his sighting.

Although details are still sketchy, a third encounter in which the creature is said to have returned to the same area as the second sighting, moving large rocks in it`s path has been reported. I`ll update if/when I learn more. I am also waiting for more photographs of tracks, and hair samples, which I`ll photograph, and post once they arrive.

This rash of sightings is not the first in this area. In 1976, multiple sightings, spread over a length of time, were reported in Poplar River, 76 miles south of Norway House. The following is the report submitted to the Vancouver Lower Mainland Division of the RCMP, following a police investigation. Norway House RCMP Report

"Norway House to Vancouver Lower Mainland Division, attention Sergeant Doane.

It was reported to our office on the 26 July 76 by the chief of the Poplar River Indian Band that many of his people have sighted on the reserve many times a large hairy animal that walks on two legs. Poplar River is located approx. 76 miles to the south of Norway House. An investigation was conducted and the results are as follows:Several people were interviewed and they all stated that the animal was approximately seven to eight feet tall and was very broad at the shoulders. It had the general body structure of a man only many times larger. A foot cast was taken of the foot impression that was left behind by the so-called monster and is held at this detachment. It measures 16 inches by five inches, and has only three toes. It's fur is a glossy gray color and it has white hair on it's head. They stated that it was very powerfully built and one man reported that he saw it swimming. To date there have been no further reports of sightings in our area. It should be noted that this so-called monster seemed very inquisitive towards the people and would come around the houses on the settlement and look in doors and windows."- Excerpt from the 1976 RCMP Report, posted on the BFRO website.

The May 20,05 Paupanekis Point sighting follows a report, and video footage, taken of a large dark creature walking along the Nelson River, in Norway House, Manitoba on April 16, 05 by ferryman, Bobby Clarke. After the videotape was aired on A Current Affair on May 4,05, ACA sent an expedition led by Dr.Franklin Ruehl, to Norway House to look for evidence. Also on the expedition team was ACA producer Brett Hudson, and artist, singer, author Cherie Curry.

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