Paris, Texas: Hotbed of Bigfoot Activity
Mystery Casebook By Bill Hankins-The Paris News

Published October 26, 2007-Bigfoot hunters are back in Paris, with new hidden camera film of the elusive creature and renewed hopes of selling a television reality series on the hunt.

The hunters, led by Tom Biscardi, spent a week here in late March, and activity around the Pat Mayse Reservoir area prompted the crew to leave hidden cameras in the trees.

The cameras were periodically checked and video produced from at least one of the cameras showed late night activity of man-like creatures.

“I have never been this excited before,” Biscardi said. “Out of all the sites all over the country, this area near Paris is the most exciting. There is a plethora of events happening here.”

Biscardi’s crews have been on site at Clay’s Bluff five nights this week, and on all five occasions, Biscardi said there has been activity.

“Sounds, rocks being thrown into the water and sightings of something moving back into the woods have been daily events,” he said. “We have had activity on all five nights.”

Thursday night, a CBS film crew was set up alongside the camouflaged bigfoot hunters, and Biscardi said the activity continued. CBS was expected to air the activity on newscasts today.

Darryl Scotti, in charge of business development and multi-media for the Biscardi organization, said a new radio show will be aired at 9 p.m. on Sunday nights on Clear Channel radio station KNEW.

“We are calling it a reality radio show,” Scotti said. “It will run 13 weeks, and it, along with Biscardi’s internet broadcast that now reaches 3.5 million listeners in 30 different countries, are stepping stones to more to come.”

Scotti said the organization has plans to open a museum in San Francisco on Fisherman’s Wharf.

“You could say this is a 34-year-old work which is now experiencing overnight success,” he said.

“There is a huge group of people who understand this creature exists and is nocternal, nomadic and peaceful, and the rest of the people treat it like a joke,” Scotti said.

Film also is being shot on all the bigfoot hunts in hopes of selling it as a reality television show.

“We are making a pilot in hopes of selling it as a reality television series” producer Melissa Johnson said.

Director for the pilot is Todd Calvert.

The hunt will continue in the Paris area at least through the weekend, and Biscardi said he has high hopes of catching a live bigfoot.

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