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Ancient Decalogue Stone and Box

In November of 1860, David Wyrick of Newark, Ohio found an inscribed stone in a burial mound about 10 miles south of Newark. The stone is inscribed on all sides with a condensed version of the Ten Commandments or Decalogue, in a peculiar form of post-Exilic square Hebrew letters. The robed and bearded figure on the front is identified as Moses in letters fanning over his head. The inscribed stone was found inside a sandstone box, smooth on the outside, and hollowed out within to exactly hold the stone.

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8,000 Year Old Anatolia Skeleton

Anatolia Skeleton

ISTANBUL - Radikal - Two skeletons dating back 8,500 years, making them the oldest ever found in what is now Turkey, have been discovered during archaeological excavations in Istanbul's Yenikapi area.

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Ancient metal codice, or book, found

 Ancient Metal Codice

British archaeologists are seeking to authenticate what could be a landmark discovery in the documentation of early Christianity: a trove of 70 lead codices that appear to date from the 1st century CE, which may include key clues to the last days of Jesus' life.

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Anasazi Cliff Dwellings

Anasazi Cliff Dwellings

An ancient cliff dwelling civilization arose as early as 1500 B.C. Their descendants are today's Pueblo Indians, such as the Hopi and the Zuni, who live in 20 communities along the Rio Grande, in New Mexico, and in northern Arizona. This 30,000-square-mile landscape of sandstone canyons, buttes and mesas was populated by as many as 30,000 people.

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Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have located seventeen lost pyramids, 1,000 tombs and more than 3,000 ancient settlements in Egypt after studying images produced by a state-of-the-art infrared technique that allowed them to clearly see the ruins underground. With two pyramids already confirmed by scientists, they believe there are thousands more unknown sites in the region.

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Comet being destroyed by the Sun

A Comet being destroyed bythe Sun

The Solar Dynamics Observatory AIA imager (observing in extreme ultraviolet light) actually spotted a sun-grazing comet as it disintegrated over about a 15-minute period on July 6, something never observed before. The angle of the comet's orbit brought it across the front half of the sun. Given the intense heat and radiation, the comet simply evaporated away. The comet was probably a member of the Kreutz sun-grazer family.

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Sican tomb

Sican Tomb

With ancient ceremonial knives at his side, an elite 14th-century executioner, a key player in human-sacrifice rituals, has been uncovered in a tomb at a pre-Inca site in Peru, archaeologists suggest.

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The Hand Of St James

The Hand Of St James

An ancient relic drew crowds to the Church of St James in the Abbey Ruins during a special weekend for its worshippers. The Roman Catholic church marked the Feast of St James by receiving the revered Hand of St James for the first time in 25 years.

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Mysterious Geoglyphs

Mysterious Geoglyphs

They stretch from Syria to Saudi Arabia, can be seen from the air but not the ground, and are virtually unknown to the public. They are the Middle East's own version of the Nazca Lines, ancient "geolyphs," or drawings, that span deserts in southern Peru, and now, thanks to new satellite-mapping technologies, and an aerial photography program in Jordan, researchers are discovering more of them than ever before. They number well into the thousands.

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Dinosaur Feathers Trapped in Amber

Dinosaur feathers trapped in amber

An extraordinary collection of ancient feather fragments preserved in amber has opened a window into a lost world, one that now appears populated by dinosaurs covered in plumage as rich and varied as that of modern birds.

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Human Skull Mounted On Stake

Human skull with stake driven through

Stone Age hunter-gatherers in southeast Sweden mounted the skulls of their dead on stakes and buried them in a lake, according to a team of archaeologists.

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CT Scan of Mummy's Head

CT Scan of mummy's head

The individual shown here is a male who died at about 40 years of age; a relatively mature age by ancient Egyptian standards. He is believed to have lived in Lower Egypt sometime between the 25-26th Greco-Roman periods, which is between 600 B.C. and about 150 A.D., or roughly between 2,500 and 1,900 years ago.

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Mysterious Floating Orb

Mysterious Floating Orb

A couple have spent 3,000 pounds of their life savings on hotel rooms after catching poltergeists on tape haunting their rented dream home...

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The Trans Alleghenny Lunatic Asylum

The Trans Alleghenny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

In the past, this immense structure of both shadow and light was called Weston State Hospital, located in the area of West Virginia. Constructed over the course of several years, and completed around 1881, several hauntings are said to occur in and around the massive building.

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Ghost Hunter Ann Fillmore and Colleague

Ghost Hunters

Through darkened rooms they roam, guided only by the eerie light cast by electromagnetic field detectors and night vision cameras. It is ghosts these people seek. Their proof? Captured images of light orbs and ectoplasm floating freely in the ether or a disembodied voice captured on a handheld recorder.

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Mysterious Pub Ghost

Mysterious Pub Ghost

Pub staff turned ghost hunters who staged a sleepover in a historic village inn got more than they bargained for when things began to go bump in the night!

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Mourner Long Ago

Mourner Long Ago

Rampant disease, difficult childbirth, a reckless crossing of a train track, farm equipment mishaps and a bloody Northern Aggression snuffed out the life light of many Norcross denizens. Curious modern visitors step gingerly around the plots, careful to avoid some token offering or memento symbolic of respect--respect for the dead, placed on the oldest of the legible dates.

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Grave Dowser Don Estes

NATCHEZ - Don Estes doesn't believe in ghosts, but the process of grave dowsing he practices hints at the supernatural. A few wire coat hangers, two five-inch tubes and an unmarked grave are all Estes needs to not only locate the forgotten - but to also identify their sex, size and hemisphere of birth.

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Frightened Couple

Frightened Couple

Many paranormal investigators believe there are real dangers of a spiritual nature that ghost hunting groups should be aware of. The following editorial from The North East Paranormal Society does not necessarily reflect my particular views, but I know that many paranormal investigation groups share this warning.

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Five of The Zodiac's Victims

Five of The Zodiac Killers Victims

In the late 1960's, California was terrorized by a series of brutal murders comitted by someone calling himself, The Zodiac Killer.

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Page of The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript

Page of the mysterious Voynich Manuscript

Voynich acquired his famous 'Voynich Manuscript' from the Jesuits'Ghislieri College at the patrician villa known as Villa Mondragone in Frascati, Italy The manuscript remained in Voynich's personal library until his death in 1930, when it was briefly decreed to his beloved wife. Following his death there was a bidding frenzy for the manuscript, but the Widow Voynich held steady and herself decreed the book to a close friend upon her own death.

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Police at New York's Pelham Park

Police hunt for more bodies in Pelham Park, in New York City

In June 1991, a fisherman found a barrel in Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx. Seven months later, a police officer saw two men leaving the park?s woods. He asked them what they were doing, and they told him they had gone into the woods to bury a dog. There are places in New York City where it is safe to peek inside a barrel, and where an officer can trust two men in the woods. Pelham Bay Park in the 1990s was not one of them.

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Early Photo of Adolf Hitler

Early Photo of Adolf Hitler

NEW YORK -- The signature under the typewritten words on yellowing sheets of nearly century-old paper is unmistakable: Adolf Hitler, with the last few scribbled letters drooping downward. Toldier, born in Austria , penned what are believed to be Hitler's first written comments calling for the annihilation of Jews.

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Oklahoma's Freshwater Octopus?

It's not quite Nessie or Bigfoot but the famed, elusive Oklahoma freshwater octopus is out there! Well, not really but there are a bunch of folks who believe it might be. We have heard the stories for years but decided this week to go and take a deeper look into the legend.

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The Tragic Rose Marie Kennedy

The Tragic Rose Marie Kennedy

Rose Marie Kennedy was the third child of Joseph Patrick and Rose Kennedy. Unfortunately, Rose Marie, or "Rosemary" as many would call her, was different. As she grew, her family noticed that she was not quite as sharp as the other Kennedys. This led to her being seen as 'retarded' by her family. Eventually, her father authorized a prefrontal lobotomy, which caused her to most definitely become mentally retarded. The mystery is whether she was retarded before the surgery.

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