Two Bigfoot Shot in Texas-1976
Mystery Casebook Dateline: January 1976 shooting of two supposed bigfoot and their burial on the Elm Creek in the Texas Panhandle by a man identified as “Bugs” and two of his hunting friends.

On a recent Art Bell broadcast a former marine and Texas farmer identified as Bugs claims that he and two other Viet Nam veteran friends shot and killed two 6 toed bigfoot on the Elm Creek while hunting for pelts to sell for profit at night with spotlights and rifles, subsequently burying the two bigfoot for fear of murder charges because the creatures looked so humanlike.

They swore each other to secrecy. Bugs recently provided Bell with a map to the location where the burial occurred. Bugs went into great detail of the creatures descriptions, describing the male as nearly 8 foot tall, and 350 pounds and the female less in height and 30 pounds or so lighter. Longtime bigfoot researcher Robert Morgan helped Art Bell interview Bugs. Bugs thought Morgan would know that the bigfoot have “six toes,” evidently thinking all bigfoot have six toes. Bugs seemed to have little knowledge of other bigfoot evidence in North America.

Living, hunting and farming in western Kansas myself at that time period and also having relatives in the Texas Panhandle, I am familiar with pelt prices at that time period in the area, the said location and also the soils present. All these items and Bugs stories regarding these items are perfect. He pulled everything from his memory he could remember, like a data recovery for a computer. Bugs himself in the entire interview process seemed and sounded completely sincere, going into fine detail. Bugs claims that now at age 56 he feels guilty and wants to get this incident off his chest.

Bugs also claims fear that these local bigfoot still remember his deed and have it in for him. Bigfoot researcher Robert Morgan was in on the interview of Bugs with Art Bell, and he cultured Bugs fears that the bigfoot remember his deed and that “Bugs now needs to make friends with them with Morgan’s help.”

My conclusion is that Bugs probably does farm and live in the said area of the Texas Panhandle and that the way he related the story is seemingly in complete sincerity. I also conclude from past experience that some people can spin wild detailed and completely detailed yarns with a straight face and seemingly completely sincere.

I also conclude that the Texas Panhandle is part of the Bible Belt and giants with 6 toes are included in Bible accounts. I further conclude that an 8 foot bigfoot male, would likely weigh much more than 350 pounds if well muscled as described by bugs.

I have also never seen any physical evidence in the form of footprints come from that area in spite of nice soft farm soils for making tracks in for all these many years that farmers have been tilling the soil there. I for one am not going to go to the Elm Creek area of Texas to dig 4 to 5 foot deep for 25 year old bones of a hairy six toed goliath and his female counterpart, but perhaps someone might.

I urge everyone to go to and listen themselves to Bugs’ story in the archive section. If Bugs is making the whole thing up, he did a really good job of it, except for the few oddities in his descriptions. The story will likely stay with us for awhile, so researchers should probably be informed on it.

I still have never seen anything of concrete evidence east of the Rockies for all these years of only sightings from there, while from the western states I have seen hundreds of pieces of very consistent physical evidence.

Keith Foster

Bugs appeared on the air with Art Bell on several occasions. I spoke with Robert W. Morgan about the incident and he believed that Bugs was telling the truth.

Robert W. Morgan has an appeal to Bugs on his website here: Bugs, where are you?

June 5, 2001, Art Bell interviewed veteran Bigfoot researcher Robert W. Morgan. In the first half of the show, the two are joined by a hunter identified under the name “Bugs” who recounted his experience shooting two Bigfoot over 30 years ago in Texas. Bugs, along with two other hunters, encountered two 7-8 ft. tall creatures, covered in reddish brown hair, that they shot at numerous times, thinking they were bears.

After the creatures were killed they discovered they had shot one female and one male. I had “never seen nothing on this Earth that looked like them,” said Bugs, who described the pair as being a cross between human and ape. Not wanting to be held responsible for the shootings, the hunters decided to cover-up the incident by burying the creatures.

“Everything I’ve heard Bugs say has the ring of truth,” said Morgan who offered further analysis of the creatures: Bigfoot are intelligent, sometimes leave “gifts” such as turkey feathers for humans and their species could considered as the ancestor of homo sapiens.

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